Free Bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, an electronic cash. It's secure decentralized digital currency without a central bank or administrator that can be sent directly from user to user via peer-to-peer network. Created in 2009, has become popular and valued in 2013 during various national financial crises. It progressively expands its applicability. Bitcoin can be used to puchase goods and services, as a trade resource or investment asset.

How To Get Free Bitcoin?

The easiest way to get bitcoin for free is using some faucet. Faucet is a website which rewards the user with some small amount of coin in exchange for seeing some ads. The more often you make a claim the more coin you get. All you need is valid e-mail address to create an account. Very simple. And as you get some coin you can transfer it wherever you like. I've checked several faucets and I find those three most interesting:

With there are even several ways how you can get your free bitcoin.

  1. Standard faucet, minimum period between claims is one hour. You can choose between guaranteed claim amount (set as average claim value), or you can take a risk and get random amount (which can of course be higher or lower than the average).
  2. Hi-Lo game - provably fair game where you bet and win according to random roll.
  3. Thare are also several lotteries running. Some with automatic participation of each user, some optional.
  4. You can bet on latest events in various categories as sports, politics or cryptocurrencies.
  5. And last you can get daily interest if your coin balance is high enough.

Try and get many option fot you free bitcoin!

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a faucet with three interesting advantages:

  1. Low claim period - you can claim your free coin just after 5 minutes from previous claim.
  2. Claim amount accumulates gradually, even if you are not on-line.
  3. Loyalty rewards - for each consecutive day you make any claim you get bonus to future claim amounts.

Try Moon Bitcoin by youself, it's very easy :-)

Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin offer three way of getting free bitcoin:

  1. Faucet with low claim period - claims can be done every 15 minutes.
  2. Win some coin in a dice game.
  3. Earn more doing offers and surveys.

Interested In Getting Some More Cryptocurrencies For Free?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, but not the only one. In fact there are tens of them, each with some specific characteristics and various value. You can get some of them for free the same as bitcoin. Try these faucets:

Check out some interesting bitcoin resources:

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